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Nissan mulls developing everyone’s supercar

Nissan mulls developing everyone’s supercar
| 기사입력 2012-07-05 18:59 

Kazutoshi Mizuno, developer of Nissan’s flagship sport car the GT-R, explains the concept, technology and vision of the supercar during a news conference at a Nissan Korea showroom in Seoul, Thursday. / Courtesy of Nissan Korea

By Kim Tae-jong

The father of Nissan's flagship sport car, the GT-R said Thursday, he hopes all people get the chance to drive a supercar and enjoy its high performance.

“All people have the right to enjoy a supercar,” Kazutoshi Mizuno, chief vehicle engineer and chief product specialist for Nissan, said during a news conference at a showroom of Nissan Korea in southern Seoul.

“I believe people should be able to drive a supercar in their daily life, with their wife, putting some stuff in the trunk, and enjoy driving a car at over 300km/h. Not only on a circuit but on ordinary roads, on a rainy or snowy day,” the 60-year-old Japanese veteran engineer said passionately.

Mizuno, who came to Seoul to share the concept, technology and vision of the flagship supercar with Korean drivers, kept emphasizing that he would like to devote himself to the development of a “multi-performance” car that could appeal to all drivers.

First developed in 1969 and named the Skyline 2000GT-R, the flagship supercar has proven to be iconic for Nissan and achieved much fame and success in Road and Track magazine.

After decades of innovation, the Nissan GT-R has become one of the best and most beloved supercars in the world thanks to its superior quality.

The latest GT-R Korean version is equipped with 3.8-liter V6 engine with 545 horse power and the maximum torque of 64 kilogram-meter. It is priced at 163.9 million won.

During an hour-long conference, Mizuno assaulted a whiteboard in a bid to explain some physics related to the secrets of the GT-R’s high performance, but emphasized that the most important thing is to make a car with high performance that customers can drive easily.

“Horsepower is not that important, if it’s not drivable by all customers. I have a big responsibility to the customer so that they can enjoy the best out of the car,” he said.

He also, proudly and somehow elegantly, said his car is the best, incomparable with other popular supercars such as those from Porshe.

But he added that there is still room for improvement and he will devote himself to the development of the best supercar.

“Participating in a race on track, we are developing better parts and better techniques so that our GT-R keeps evolving,” he said.
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