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[Preview in China 2012 on-site] 7tree to exhibit spring knits of natural color

7tree (CEO Choe-go Choi, participates in 'Preview in China 2012' held from 26th ~ 29th March in Beijing, China to show young casual knit for spring.

(Photo: Choe-go Choi, CEO of seven tree)

Seven tree has provided young casual knit for 20s~30s women, in particular, their clothes has reasonable price through their production line. 7tree is suggesting various colors and natural feeling for 2012 spring trend.

Seven tree is a SPA brand which analyzes fashion trend like design and color, plans, manufactures and distributes in directly for knit, and they are developing as total women casual brand.

Meanwhile, 'Preview in China 2012' hosted by Korea Federation of textile Industries (CEO Hui-chan Roh) is expected to promote the superiority of Korean clothes and fashion brands and to expand distribution network to China. 'CHIC(China International Clothing & Accessories Fair)' is held at once so synergy effect will be maximized.

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